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TAOHUNFICS' 1st Writing Competition


taohunfics' 1st writing contest!

For those who doesn't have a tumblr or doesn't follow us on tumblr and had not heard it, do you know taohunfics is currently holding  a writing contest?

Don't worry though, because the deadline is still far away! Firstly, here are some of the prizes that can be won!!

1st Prize:
Overdose (Kor Ver) *SEALED
Tao & Sehun SM Pop-Up Store L-Holder
Tao & Sehun NR Standees
TaoHun Lomo Cards

2nd Prize:

MID Album (Kor/Chi Ver; your choice) *SEALED
Tao & Sehun SM Pop-Up Store Postcards Set A
TaoHun Keychain (bought from ayohexo!) ^^
TaoHun Lomo Cards

3rd Prize:

MID Album (Kor/Chi Ver) *SEALED
SMTOWN Week Tao & Sehun Postcards
EXO Stickers (from exocase)
TaoHun Lomo Cards

2 random winners:
TaoHun Lomo Cards
Random Pictures of Tao & Sehun
Some small Sehun/Tao Unofficial Merch


1. You can only write taohun fics, they have to be the main pairing and everything is centered towards these two.

2. You can only enter one fic.

3. Any genres & ratings are allowed!

4. You must have a tumblr or livejournal account.

How to join?:

Send us your already written fic through this email: onlytaohun@gmail.com in this format:

Subject: ENTRY



Tumblr or livejournal url:

(Your fic)

[!] Hence, you will send us your fic through email.

When you entry is confirmed, we will email you back!

Deadline of entries: 16th May 11:59PM (KST)

How do we choose the winners?:

- You will be the judge!

- After the deadline, I’ll post all entries here in the community.

- You guys will vote your favourite fic through a poll. The fic with the most votes will win! The 2 random winners will be chosen randomly!

- Voting will last 2 weeks!

- Any questions do not hesitate to ask on our tumblr or simply comment here!
Good luck and happy writing~

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